World aids day celebration 2020


Sonarpur moonlight foundation with Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission for an program about valued education evaluated.
Speaker: Sanchari Debnath.

World Mental Health Day 2020

Prof. Dr. Srijit Ghosh (HOD, CNMCH, Dept.Of Psycriatry) & Mrs. Sanchari Debnath (Co - Ordinator) Moonlight Foundation, giving their speech in a seminar in CNMCH Campus organised by District Mental Health Program(24 pgs south)& CNMCH (Dept Of Psycriatry) in the celebration of World Mental Health Day _ 2020

Doctor & Psycologist available

from 2nd October 2019

Doctor & Psycologist available

Prof. Dr. Srijit Ghosh(head of dept. CNMCH,MD[cal],FIPS ).   Dr. Payel Das Roy(MBBS, DPM ).   Dr. Suprio Mondal(MBBS, MD[Neuroprychiatry],CIP-Ranehi ).   Dr. Anirban Mukherjee(MBBS, DPM[cal] ).   Dr. Nirupam Ghosh (MBBS[cal], MD[cal]Neuroprychiatry ).   Dr. Krishanv Chakraborty (MBBS[cal], DNb[PSY] ).   Dr. Shubhasis Roy (MBBS[cal], Genaral Physician ).   Sanchari das debnath (Clinical Psycologist).   Pallavi Mukherjee (Psycologist).  

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Behavioural addiction is similar to Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the sense of a particular behaviour replacing alcohol and drugs leading to various problems in personal and other areas of a person's life.

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