Alcohol Detoxification

When you drink regularly, your central nervous system adjusts to alcohol’s depressive effects. Alcohol is highly physically addictive, and suddenly stopping sends your body into shock – that’s why you experience these symptoms when you try to stop.

▪ Sweaty, pale or clammy skin
▪ Nausea and vomiting
▪ Shakiness
▪ Headaches
▪ Depression, anxiety or irritability
▪ Fatigue
▪ Increased heart rate
▪ Restlessness and insomnia

Withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable at best to fatal at worst. On the more severe end, they can include:

▪ Hallucinations
▪ Seizures
▪ Delirium tremens (DTs), a syndrome that includes vivid hallucinations, delusions, mental
confusion, profuse sweating, increased blood pressure and fever

You should always detox from alcohol under the supervision of an addiction-specialised medical professional.

The alcohol detox programme combines medical and clinical care so you can safely and effectively detox from alcohol in a highly supportive environment. Our rehabilitation centre provides a comprehensive treatment programme and aims to heal body and mind simultaneously. Upon arriving at our facility you will undergo an initial assessment with one of our counsellors and a member of our medical team. Those who are physically dependent on alcohol will be required to undergo a medically supervised alcohol detox programme for the first few days.

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